Monday, October 4, 2010

lg dan lg!~~~

why u never understand me?...
i never want to lost u in my life..
u r everything 2 me..
please dont go..
i know i'm not perfect in your eyes...
i am ego..
i am tempre..
i am bad..
everything bout me is bad..!
u should try understand what i felt when u do this at me...
i know it;s difficult 2 u 4 change ur self right?
we r same..
but 4 me, it's never mind if u r really bored and want 2 leaves me dear..
i can't 2 force u 2 love's me as i will 2 u..
it's really hurt when u never care bout me anymore..
i'm sorry 4 verything thing taht i do at u..
i didn't mean want 2 hurt u..
yeah...maybe u r not mine..
i must 2 accept it..
i will and will try it..
try 2 forgot bout u...
even i cant..
becoz i really "syg" at u..
i know, i cant understand what is love's..
but i keep trying 2 understand that word!
why u do like this at me huh?..
i hope u u understand what i try 2 tell u...
anyway..thanks 2 be my beloved...

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